Humans arrived in The Imperium some five hundred years ago, claiming to be refugees from a far-away land. They spoke a now-defunct language, but quickly adopted the Halfling Trade Language, usually called Common. These refugees claimed to have been lost for decades and carried very little with them from their former homeland, including no written records. This, combined with their short life-spans has created a situation in which no-one really knows from where these people came. The recent discovery of NorthReach has led some to speculate that this may, in fact, be the Humans’ ancestral home.

Humans are a recent arrival to the Imperium and have not gained wide-spread citizenship. The vast majority are considered “clients” of the state and enjoy fewer and more restricted rights than ordinary citizens. However, they are not slaves, nor can they be mistreated with impunity.

Humans in NorthReach tend to be laborers, servants and hired guards. Many of them come here hoping to improve their lot in life.

Notable Humans:


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