Dwarves are the most populous and prosperous of the races in The Imperium. They are the founding race of the Imperium with their origins in the Howling Mountains, but can be found in all corners of the Imperium engaging in every imaginable profession. Dwarves are clannish, proud, honorable and stubborn. They tend to be extremely loyal to the Imperium and the High Thane.

All Dwarves are citizens of the Imperium by birthright, giving them full protection under The Law. They tend strongly toward Imperial service with many joining the Imperial Legions. In ancient times Dwarven society was a two-caste system with Mountain Dwarves ruling over Hill Dwarves. This system disappeared before the founding of the Imperium, but there are still bloodlines that are strongly associated with one sub-race or another. The persistence of these bloodlines is a testament to the clannish nature of Dwarves rather than any sort of strife between sub-races. Indeed most Dwarves, including the High Thane, have a mix of both Hill and Mountain Dwarves in their lineage.

In NorthReach, Dwarves can be found in many roles, from merchant to administrator to soldier. Most of them have come to serve The Imperium on the frontier or to make their fortune from those who have. Most of the workers in Coldover Mine are dwarves as are most of the well-off merchants. The 14th Legion is composed entirely of Dwarves.

Notable Dwarves:


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