Dragonborn are the proud sons and daughters of Arkhosia. They originated from that southern land and spread west, but never moved north of the Howling Mountains. All Dragonborn, regardless of birth can claim a bloodbond to the Arkhosian Empire and may return there at will; however few do. The Empire is a shadow of its former self and offers little in the way of opportunities for its people.

Dragonborn encountered in The Imperium are considered “guests” of the Imperium and have only the most basic protections of The Law. Though not generally scorned, they certainly have a lesser standing than any citizen. For this reason they tend to group into their own enclaves.

Much like other outsiders in Imperial society, Dragonborn have found themselves a new prosperity and home in NorthReach. They find it difficult to get work in The Imperium proper, but their brawn and industriousness have made them invaluable in Coldover Mine and The Smeltery.

Notable Dragonborn:


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