The Imperium is safe. Its borders are secure, its people are prosperous and internal strife is all but unknown. This state of affairs has lasted for an age and whole generations of citizens have grown under Imperial protection with no need or desire to seek out anything more.

Until NorthReach.

Heron Reddfoot, Halfling sailor, dreamed of sailing the northern sea in search of something new. Although Halflings are naturally adventurous, Reddfoot was unusually so. His expedition to the north led to the discovery of a new land heretofore unheard of. Reddfoot always had a nose for profits and soon realized that the discovery of this new country could make his fortune. Even he, ambitious and avaricious though he was, couldn’t have imagined how right he would come to be. He called this new land NorthReach.

In the subsequent 22 years, a generation of citizens have grown up with the knowledge that there is a new land to be explored and exploited. For the first time in centuries, there is a frontier to explore and a fortune to be made doing so. NorthReach attracts the bold, the adventurous and the foolhardy like nails to a lodestone. It is a dangerous place, but is all the more attractive for that.

What will you discover there?