The Imperium

The 3rd Imperium of the Dwarves is a vast, prosperous and largely peaceful empire. Geographically, it covers almost all of Selvug. Its zone of influence includes the Eastern Islands, the forests of Aliora, The Flats, much (but not all) of the Howling Mountains, the Southern Steppe and into the Ice Lands. Two other sovereign states share the continent, both south of the Howling Mountains. The Arkhosian Empire lies to the East, while Bael Turath is in the West. Both of these once-great empires are now largely in ruins, though they retain their independence.


The Imperium is ruled by High Thane Cardos Stoneborn and administered by his High Council. The official language of the Imperium is Dwarven, but almost everyone speaks the Common trade tongue of the Halflings. The Imperium is known for being highly bureaucratic as the government has become more complex. Local magistrates provide much of the day-to-day governance of The Imperium at the local level. The base unit of currency is the Anvil, a small rectangular gold coin bearing the image of the High Thane on one side and the Great Anvil on the other.


The Imperium fields an impressive military force divided into legions which maintain peace and order throughout the Imperium.

The Imperium

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